Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick takes: Yesterday's post to the expected unexpected

    This week's Quick Takes:

  1. So what did you think of yesterday's post by the Hubs? It was The Little Stuff of Life's first guest post and the first blog post he's actually written, and I think he did a great job!
  2. I've really been wanting to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens while the Chihuly exhibit was there. Felipe's day off yesterday was the perfect opportunity. We went in the morning before it got super hot. We walked in just in time for a fabulous tour by a funny and informative retiree who's been volunteering there since the '60's, had lunch at the cafe, and then wandered around enjoying the plants and nature-inspired glass art. It was a beautiful place and a beautiful day. Chihuly's sculptures will be there through the end of the month, I would highly recommend you go if you can!
  3. While I'm recommending places you should go....the place to be tonight is the Urban Tea Loft in Chandler. My friend (and very talented photographer) Chanelle Richardson will have some of her fine art prints on display there. So from 6-8 p.m. tonight (5/8), you can check them out, say hi to her, eat and/or drink something delicious, and...yeah...all kinds of good stuff!
  4. Here's something you can do from anywhere: I have a new web project in the works that I'd love for you to check out! It's called Trends and Topics, and it pairs current news with relevant t-shirts. There's also a couple extra things like places to debate whether you think taxes should go up or down, or why you're a Mac or a PC. The headlines are updated every 30 minutes, and I'll be changing up the topics regularly, as well. I'd love to know what you think! If you have a suggestion for topics or products, you can email topics[at]boldavenue[dot]com.
  5. Things have been busybusy lately (as you've probably heard me mention some time or another), which is fabulous. Having work = good. But it also means I'm doing some serious thinking about time and that includes evaluating of this whole blogging thing. Not that it's gonna stop. But just thinking about how LSL should look in the months to come. I'll keep you posted, of course. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  6. Are you working on your poem for Perfectly Poetical Tuesday yet? It relaunches this coming Tuesday, and the poem style is your choice this month. (But save those epic poems for June! ;) In case you're wondering, I wrote mine with the poetry magnets on my fridge.
  7. Today seems like it would've been a good day for the Mother's Day post that's rolling around and taking shape in my head. But I think I'll actually do it after Mother's Day. Since when do I do what you expect? ;)

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Edited to add: Chanelle's awesome art (see #3), which we did go see last night and confirmed its in-person awesomeness, will be displayed at the Urban Tea Loft through the end of May. If you're too far away to go see it, this is the next best thing to being there.


  1. We saw the chihuly exhibit at the new york botanical garden- it was amazing! Glad u got to see it. I'm looking forward to Tuesday - hope I can join in :-) (doublelattemama)

  2. PJ: Yes, "amazing" is the word for it!

    And you're absolutely welcome to join in Tuesday. I hope you can play too! :)


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