Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deals on fun stuff to do this summer

Three great deals this summer:

  • National Park Fee-Free Weekends - During three weekends this summer (6/20-21, 7/18-19, 8/15-16), you will be able to get into many U.S. National Parks free! Visit the NPS website for a list of participating parks.
  • Movies for Kids - Harkins Theaters showing a different children's movie each week. Admission is $2 per person. (Adults and children, but they won't let you in without a kiddo.) If you're going to at least four movies, you can buy "season tickets" for only $7. Is there a Harkins near you?
  • Culture Pass - This is a great thing where you can check out a pass from your library for free admission to museums and other sources of local culture. I know that Phoenix isn't the only place that has it, but I couldn't find a central Culture Pass website. So check with your local library. If they don't offer it, whine until they do.

Local to the Phoenix, AZ area:

Sunsplash - I had heard something about a deal for water park admission on Friday nights. Here's the scoop:
  • Regular admission = $26.00 ($19.50 if you're under 48" tall)
  • Evening Admission (after 4pm) = $19.00 (cannot be combined with any coupons)
  • Night Splash Friday and Saturday (7pm to 11pm) = $15.00
Not exactly a freebie, but going in the evening will save you some money - and a sunburn.

Museums - Besides Culture Pass freebies, here are three more Valley museums with free admission times:


  1. For more information check out, for a list of participating libraries and locations.

  2. only has information about libraries, etc. in Arizona - not nationwide. (It just redirects to the Culture Pass page on But it is a good resource if you're looking for Culture Pass activities within Arizona.

    Thanks for sharing that link, Anonymous!


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