Monday, June 29, 2009

On the menu: change

This week it's back to menu planning. And, as usual, back to plans changing before we even get started.

Tuesday my parents are going out of town, and my brother is moving to Flagstaff (three hours north of here), so it was decided that Monday we're all going out to eat. Probably to Serrano's, which is quite possibly our family's favorite Arizona Mexican food.

So here was plan A:

Here is the revised plan:

  • Monday - (eat out w/ fam)
  • Tuesday - 7-bean soup (with a little bit o' chicken sausage)
  • Wednesday - tuna casserole and spinach salad
  • Thursday - chicken sausage, potatoes and onions with applesauce
  • Friday - spaghetti with red sauce
  • Saturday - (Independence Day partying)

I don't think I told you that when I finally got around to making that "Hearty Tuna Casserole" (the one with the zucchini and no peas), it was really good. So I'm making it again. It'll help use up all these green onions. We'll pretty much be having green onions on everything except our cereal this week, since I already had extra and will inherit more when the parents leave town. Got any other good green onion recipes?

Let me know. And post your plan at Chive Talkin'!

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