Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Takes: Igniting Phoenix to Dads' Bad Rap

Ok, I'm getting ready to go, so this week's quick takes are gonna be QUICK!

This past week the Hubs and I went to an event called Ignite Phoenix. Ignite is all about sharing information and sparking ideas within a local community. It was entertaining, interesting and I met (and reconnected with) some great people. There are Ignites in other places too. If you have an Ignite event where you live, you should definitely check it! I took a few pics, and there are lots more if you search "ignitephx" on Flickr.

Speaking of things to do, this weekend is the first of those fee-free National Park weekends I told you about. Get outside and explore!

Chanelle and I finally made it to The Coffee Shop - what a neat place! It's surrounded by a garden. And they have such pretty cupcakes! I should've taken pics, but I just didn't.

So I've been doing a lot of talking about thinking about where LSL has been and where it's going. Next week I'm going to start sharing some of that with you. I'm going to have a series of posts that either REPLAY past posts from the archives or RETHINK (out loud) aspects of Little Stuff of Life. So stay tuned!

Had an absolutely lovely dinner with E, Christine, and Christine's mom Rebekah last night. a loss for words here, but good times. And Christine is a fablous cook.

Oh! I don't know how I almost forgot this! But I got my hair cut Tuesday. It's...shorter than I asked them to cut it. But ok. You'll definitely see pics next week when I post my California stuff, but I'm gonna hold off for now 'cuz it's kind of outta control today.

Happy Father's Day (a little early) to all the dads! Don't you think dads get a bad rap sometimes? I do. I think this weekend is a good time to say something encouraging to the good dads you know.

So that's it. My very quick takes. But wait! there's more! over at Conversion Diary!

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